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19 Apr

Hey everyone,
I just want to thank you all viewing my page. I am now in need or your help. I need you to send me your favorite, best, quirky, awesome look. (Front shots are best, they show the most of your outfit.) Posing is optional. If you would like the option of facial recognition, please state so with your picture. Examples are on the page facebook page Send your looks to

I can’t what to see what you have in your closet,
Tamara Hayes


2 Dec

A Fashion Tribute to the King of Pop: Michael Jackson

25 Jun

michael_jacksonJust to show how influential Micheal Jackson has been on pop music, fashion and culture as a whole, here are a few recent examples.

Christope Decarnin. Spring 09Christope Decarnin. Spring 09

Jean-Charles de Castel. Fall 09 Jean- Charles de Castel. Fall 08

Margiela Biker Jacket. fall 08Margiela (Biker Jacket). Fall 08

Jean-Paul GaultierJean-Paul Gaultier. Fall 2008