Henri Bendel

1 Dec

Bendel’s is  known for exciting charity parties and shopping events, frequent celebrity sightings, and entertaining and innovative window displays.

Henri Bendel opened his first shop in New York City in 1895, offering his chic clientele exquisitely-detailed hats and gowns of his own creation and from European designers. From the beginning, Bendel’s was a fashion destination, attracting both stylish New Yorkers and well-heeled visitors to the city. A true visionary, Henri was the first to introduce the young designer Coco Chanel to the United States; the first to stage a fashion show in New York; the first retailer to open in the then-residential neighborhood of upper Fifth Avenue; and the first to design a complete wardrobe of exclusive fragrances to suit the many facets of a woman’s mood and lifestyle.

Today the Henri Bendel brand continues in the spirit of the store’s visionary founder: Seeking always to delight and serve fashionable women; to innovate and to discover the best of the New and the Next; to offer a unique array of irresistible merchandise and an engaging shopping experience; and to always be a “Girls’ Playground”—a unique fashion destination forever rooted in the never-ending energy, abundance and creativity of the city of New York.

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