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Top Man

8 Dec

has earned its sartorial stripes with an unswerving and energetic approach to producing truly exciting high-street men’s fashion. Driving trends forward while shifting the way men approach shopping, the brand’s attitude to creating brilliant, affordable and authoritative menswear is second to none.

Born in 1978, Topman is the male equivalent of successful Arcadia stable-mate: Topshop. With a whopping 185 stores in the UK, almost every high street in the country boasts its very own slice of Topman. London’s mega Oxford Circus Flagship – one of 8 chief stores in the major cities through the UK – sees 75,000 pairs of feet storm its 15,000 square foot floor every week.

The rest of the globe is catching up too. Here’s the maths: there are Topman stores in over sixty cities worldwide, stretching across twenty countries while boutiques in America, China and Japan stock the brand. As one might suspect, its fashion forwardness continues into cyberspace with transactional website seeing over 300,000 unique visits a week, with current shipping to the UK, Eire, Europe, USA and Australia.


Kenneth Cole

7 Dec

Twenty years ago, I wanted to open a shoe company with limited money. From experience I knew one had to get in quickly because so often new companies run out of cash flow before they get the chance to conduct business. I also knew
it was easier to get credit from factories in Europe who needed the business than from American banks that didn’t. So I lined up the factories, went to Europe, designed a collection of shoes, and returned to the states to sell them.

At the time, a shoe company had two options. You could get a room at the Hilton and become 1 of about 1100 shoe companies selling their goods. This didn’t provide the identity or image I felt necessary for a new company, and it cost a lot more money than I had to spend. The other way was to do what the big companies do and get a fancy showroom in Midtown Manhattan not far from the Hilton. More identity, much more money too.

I had an idea.

I called a friend in the trucking business and asked to borrow one of his trucks to park in Midtown Manhattan. He said sure, but good luck getting permission. I went to the Mayor’s office, Koch at the time, and asked how one gets permission to park a 40 foot trailer truck in Midtown Manhattan He said one doesn’t. The only people the city gives parking permits to are production companies shooting full length motion pictures and utility companies like Con Ed or AT&T. So that day I went to the stationery store and changed our company letterhead from Kenneth Cole, Inc. to Kenneth Cole Productions, Inc. and the next day I applied for a permit to shoot a full length film entitled “The Birth of a Shoe Company.”

With Kenneth Cole Productions painted on the side of the truck, we parked at 1370 6th Avenue, across from the New York Hilton, the day of shoe show. We opened for business with a fully furnished 40 ft trailer, a director (Sometimes there was film in the camera, sometimes there wasn’t) models as actresses, and two of New York’s finest, compliments of Mayor Koch, as our doormen.
We sold 40 thousand pairs of shoes in two and a half days (the entire available production) and we were off and running.

To this day the company is still named Kenneth Cole Productions, Inc. and serves as a reminder to the importance of resourcefulness and innovative problem solving.


Plaid & Knee High Boot powered by

7 Dec

I See Trends

3 Dec

In this look trends included (from head to toe), statement jewelry, sheer top, blazer and ankle boots.


2 Dec

In Honor of World AIDS Day

1 Dec

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Henri Bendel

1 Dec

Bendel’s is  known for exciting charity parties and shopping events, frequent celebrity sightings, and entertaining and innovative window displays.

Henri Bendel opened his first shop in New York City in 1895, offering his chic clientele exquisitely-detailed hats and gowns of his own creation and from European designers. From the beginning, Bendel’s was a fashion destination, attracting both stylish New Yorkers and well-heeled visitors to the city. A true visionary, Henri was the first to introduce the young designer Coco Chanel to the United States; the first to stage a fashion show in New York; the first retailer to open in the then-residential neighborhood of upper Fifth Avenue; and the first to design a complete wardrobe of exclusive fragrances to suit the many facets of a woman’s mood and lifestyle.

Today the Henri Bendel brand continues in the spirit of the store’s visionary founder: Seeking always to delight and serve fashionable women; to innovate and to discover the best of the New and the Next; to offer a unique array of irresistible merchandise and an engaging shopping experience; and to always be a “Girls’ Playground”—a unique fashion destination forever rooted in the never-ending energy, abundance and creativity of the city of New York.